FPT G-drive C13 series

In the CURSOR Series, top power, fast load response and high-power density combine with low fuel consumption. The performance of this range is outstanding. High reliability, and extremely low operating  costs thanks to long maintenance intervals, are its core values. 



Cylinder Arrangement: 6L
Air Feeding: TCA
Displacement [liters]: 12.9
Injection System: ECR
Exhaust system: Hi-eSCR2
1500 rpm [kWm]: 345

Emission: Stage V

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Cylinder Arrangement: 6L
Air Feeding: TCA
Displacement [liters]: 12.9
Injection System: ECR
Exhaust system: Hi-eSCR2
1500 rpm [kWm]: 392

Emission: Stage V

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Cylinder Arrangement: 6L
Air Feeding: TCA
Displacement [liters]: 12.9
Injection System: ECR
1500 rpm [kWm]: 327

Emission: Stage lllA


Cylinder Arrangement: 6L
Air Feeding: TCA
Displacement [liters]: 12.9
Injection System: ECR
1500 rpm [kWm]: 377

Emission: Stage lllA


Cylinder Arrangement: 6L
Air Feeding: TCA
Displacement [liters]: 12.9
Injection System: ECR
1500 rpm [kWm]: 414
1800 rpm [kWm]: 454
Not emissionized


Cylinder Arrangement: 6L
Air Feeding: TCA
Displacement [liters]: 12.9
Injection System: ECR
1500 rpm [kWm]: 459
1800 rpm [kWm]: 474
Not emissionized


L (in line)
V (90° "V" configuration)

Air Handling

TCA (Turbocharged with aftercooler)
TC (Turbocharged)
NA (Naturally Aspirated)

Injection System

M (Mechanical)
ECR (Electronic Common Rail)
EUI (Electronic Unit Injector)
MPI (Multi Point Injection)

Exhaust System

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)

Key Advantages Cursor


Porfolio for any mission. Leading power density with up to +7% Vs. market average in 9 L range. No EGR architecture.

EGR-free combustion. Maintenance-free ATS. No parked regeneration. Extended oil service intervals.

Heavy-duty design with high pressure common rail injection. Lean design with no EGR and single stage turbocharging solution.

No changes in cooling package required. Unique solution across emission stages.


Wide engine range covering up to 570kW. Effective performance. Maximized power, torque and transient response

Optimized fluid efficiency. Low running costs over lifecycle. Maximum uptime: no need to stop equipment. 600 hours service period

FPT's Hi-eSCR 2

Stage V To maintain the advantages of the unique and unbeaten HI-eSCR technology, FPT Industrial will integrate a maintenance-free filtering device on its SCR catalyst, thus allowing to comply with tightened limits on PM emissions within a compact package. The second generation HI-eSCR 2, applicable for engines above 56kW and below 560kW, where different emission limits apply, will maintain the same after-treatment dimension of the current Tier4 Final / Stage IV applications, requiring no machine redesign nor layout changes for easier upgrade to next emission level. Thanks to optimized combustion, leadership on performance and fuel efficiency is confirmed, while maintenance free aftertreatment and no need for parked regeneration ensure low running costs avoiding unplanned downtime.


• High performance for increased vehicle productivity.
• No additional complexity and lean design for easier installation and maximum reliability.
• Low operating costs thanks to high efficiency and long service intervals.

By way of continuous technical advantages our state of the art engine range allows our customers to have class leading features, such as minimized total cost of ownership and outstanding performance. Key to the optimization of engine efficiency is EGR-free combustion on NEF and Cursor engine families, together with high cylinder pressure and high injection pressures: engines adopting the latest generation of Common Rail system feature peak nozzle pressures of up to 2200 bar. To achieve these targets, crankcase and cylinder head design has been improved to ensure increased structural stiffness. An Electronic Control Unit manages engine parameters and guarantees an accurate control of the after treatment system. Extended service interval, together with a maintenance-free after-treatment solution reduce running cost for end users.


  1. DEF/AdBlue Supply Module
  2. DEF/AdBlue Dosing Module
  3. Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) NO → NO2 HC, CO and PM oxidation
  4.  DEF/AdBlue Injection Hydrolysis → NH3+CO2
  5. DEF/AdBlue Mixer
  6. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) NO and NO2 reduction by NH3 to N2 and H2O
  7. Clean Up Catalyst Residual NH3 oxidation

*AdBlue®/DEF = CO(NH2)2 + H20

PM Particulate Matter
HC Unburnt Hydrocarbons
NOx Nitrogen Oxides
CO Carbon Monoxide
N2 Nitrogen
CO2 Carbon Dioxide
H2O Water 

Main Components

The whole system is fitted with a network of integrated sensors to control temperature, pressure and NOx levels. Exhaust gas flow coming from the engine enters the DOC, where NO is oxidised to NO2, in order to maximize SCR catalyst’s efficiency conversion. The ECU (Engine Control Unit), the brain behind the HI-eSCR 2 system, checks, through integrated sensors network, the amount of Water-Urea (DEF/AdBlue) solution to be injected in the exhaust pipe. To increase the durability of the injector, Dosing Module is cooled by the engine coolant. The HI-eSCR 2 after-treatment system adopts a fiLering device on its SCR catalyst. At the same time as trapping and oxidizing the Particulate Matter, the catalyst converts NOx into Nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) thanks to the chemical reaction of Ammonia (NH3) generated from DEF/Adblue. In the end, the integrated CUC eliminates the remaining Ammonia (NH3). The result is a reduction of NOx superior to 95% and the PM levels within Stage V emission limits.


• Closed loop control with proprietary algorithms and dedicated sensors to provide accurate monitoring of exhaust gas composition and optimized DEF/AdBlue dosing strategy.
• Thermally insulated high turbulence mixer to allow homogeneous DEF/ AdBlue evaporation and urea hydrolysis ensuring correct distribution in exhaust gas flow.
• Optimized exhaust gas thermal management to ensure emission compliance in all working conditions.
• All after-treatment components are packaged in a compact and fully enclosed structure, providing flexible layout options to simplify installation on machines.

FPT StageV ATS-pack solutions G-drive

ATS Packs
Designed with the Needs of Genset Customers in Mind.

Effective Pre-assembled, pre-cabled and pre-validated solution (from 10 components to 1) for lean application sign-off and easy installation.
• FPT technological know-how guarantees the best product reliability
• No need to design a solution means time and cost savings for customers
• No need to scout new component suppliers for purchasing departments
• Optimized product inventory thanks to improved warehouse space management and complexity reduction
• ATS pack equivalent to current silencer

• Space effective: possibility to choose horizontal or vertical position to meet the needs of any customer

PLUG-AND-PLAY (Preassembled Solution)
Production process will run faster and with less downtime thanks to:
• Fewer components to manage
• Fewer production steps and assembly time
• Fewer assembly machines and equipment
• Fewer defaults in production process
• Less stock due to lower non conform products

• Easy to install thanks to rectangular shape, which fts simply into the Genset layout
• ATS pack is equivalent to current silencer: no need to change installation process
• Reduced delivery delay risk due to reduced downtime in installation process

In highly regulated markets, legislation introduced a further reduction on emission limits for mobile and prime power applications. To comply with these new emission limits and make machine upgrade easier, FPT presents a new, smart installation package: After Treatment System installation solution (ATS Pack). The ATS Pack includes all key  aftertreatment components in a single package: main catalysts and their relative sensors are included in a compact and pre-assembled set that requires no dedicated design or installation of ATS components.
The pre-packed ATS solution has a pre-validated design in terms of fluid-dynamics, manifold layout and the position of sensors in order to make the fnal validation process both leaner and easier. The ATS Pack provides outstanding installation flexibility as it is available as a ready-to-use ATS solution (horizontal or vertical position).
With the ATS Pack, all electrical signals and connections are managed by a single cable for fast, reliable and quick connection to any engine. All productivity benefts of FPT Industrial technology come in a simple package, with high performance and efciency. The innovative FPT After Treatment Technology ensures high emission standards  compliance with a maintenance-free solution.

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