NGV Powertrain is an innovative Italian engine supplier with great ambitions in the field of environmental and economic sustainability. They develop engines on CNG, LNG, RNG, methanol and ethanol, biogas and hydrogen gas. NGV Powertrain also produces a dual-fuel fuel system, in which natural gas is injected into a diesel engine. With less diesel consumption, the engine achieves the same power.

Innovative production process

The designers and engineers of NGV Powertrain think about innovative possibilities step by step in the production process. From design to testing and finally to implementation, they come up with sustainable solutions for the customer.

Marant Motortechniek is proud of NGV Powertrain as a new supplier. This Italian factory only enters into partnerships if it strengthens sustainable mobility. We are the distributor for on-road, construction and agricultural machinery, marine, generators and railway. We are happy to advise you in the field of gas and diesel engines. In the middle of the Netherlands in Waardenburg you will find Marant Motortechniek. With our experienced dealer organization we provide an excellent after-sales service with fast parts supply.

NGV Powertrain produces both on-road and off-road engines. There is always an engine system to suit your vehicle; whether you have a truck or an agricultural machine. With alternatives to the diesel engine, NGV Powertrain maintains power generation. They ensure that sustainable ecological motor systems can compete in price and quality with current motors.

View the line-up below for a selection of the available engines.
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This is why you want an NGV Powertrain engine:

  • Sustainable; clean fuel engine systems: Biogas, hydrogen gas, CNG, LNG, RNG, methanol and ethanol.
  • Ecological; NGV Powertrain's engines meet many American and European emission and environmental requirements.
  • Quality; as an engine manufacturer, NGV Powertrain can rely on their knowledge, class and passion for engines from the Italian tradition.

NGV Powertrain Motorsystemen

Most engines can be used for On-road, Off-road, Marine and Power Generation and comply with the current Euro 6e and/or Stage V homologation. Would you like to know what options NGV Powertrain has for your machine or vehicle? Come by for an appointment at Marant Motortechniek and we will give you appropriate advice.